Michael J. Schmidt

Michael J. Schmidt




Our laws are not perfect.  Our legal system is not perfect.  People are not perfect.  Conflict is inevitable.  But conflict is not always bad.  In fact, when conflict is properly focused it can even be good.  Whether it is a disagreement about child custody, debt, who is at fault for an accident, or whether a loved one should spend the rest of their life in prison, our legal system seeks to set people against each other.  But it does not do this for its own amusement.  It does not do this to upset you.  It does not do this to discourage you from seeking help.  It does this because sometimes it is only through such conflict that we bring to light the facts and considerations needed for a judge to do the best job of deciding what needs to happen to end a dispute between two parties.

With that said, avoiding conflict and seeking cooperation, coordination, and understanding through open, honest, and fair communication is often faster, less expensive, and easier.  So as much as I personally enjoy conflict, I do endeavor to present my clients with and prepare them well for the best version of either option.

Many people you know will tell you what they think you should do even though they do not know all the facts and even though you are the only one who will have to deal with the consequences.  I will not.

I will not tell you what to do.  You will tell me your goals.  And I will give you choices.


  • University of Wisconsin Madison – Political Science – 2002
  • University of Wisconsin – Madison, School of Law – 2005

Focused Practice Areas

Business & Corporate Law
Criminal Defense
Employment Law
Family Law
Personal Injury